Unfortunate Decode for Today

Hate to start this day off with a decode from death. Starting with the death of Takeoff from Migos.

Last Sunday, I did a decode and I thought it was interesting that 44 seems to be a very crazy number that lead into this week

(again, any edits I make to my forum it pops up that it has been edited and you can see exactly what was edited just like on this server)

So I have not edited this forum post and it shows that Motorsport was the title and the group was the focus along with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

I want to focus on the new song Messy

So the video was posted 22 hours ago on Youtube and the video is exactly 3:33.

So they both wake up in a car from partying.

I noticed right away the stripes (black white and red) on Quavo’s shirt.

They both had a similar Dream

Notice the Plates:

What I find interesting is a gun and a contract that reads Migos …why would you need a gun to sign a contract? This song doesn’t include Offset, so how is this “Migos”

Again the number 4 plays alot in this so pay attention. This will blow your minds.

See how it says “Channel 4”

The Sacramento Kings also played last night against the Hornets

They played at the “Spectrum Center” last night, notice the address.

Peep this Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell, Baylor’s Davion Mitchell share many traits - Deseret News

Both Jersey’s are number 45

In the song Messy, they mention

But last night what happened at the game:

“House of Horrors” was the type of house was in that video

They were the “Kings”