1. Alot of events going on today such as the The United States Grand Prix, Formula 1 Race
    Made me think of Cardi B and her song Motorsport feat Migo’s and Nicki Minaj

So lets talk about what THIS was about:

I don’t know why Madonna is wilding but anyway lol they made amends…I guess
So back to the United States Grand Prix of Formula One

We start with the death of Red Bull Owner Dietrich Mateschitz

Few weeks ago it was reported that Red Bull breached F1 cost cap rules for Max Verstappen's world championship win - ABC News

The numbers are just, numbering lol

And we got Tim Cook waving the checkered flag

Then I’m like “Aramco” hmmm
I typed it in “as is” and (119) is in the miles remember 119 is “Chess Killer”

“Oracle” Red Bull

Now, Aramco, pictured along with Tim Cook waving the Checker flag

“energy transition plan”

(All this energy crisis talk and they’re racing vehicles…anyway…)

“Blue Ammonia”

So you have a driver that retired by the name of Sebastian Vettel and they planted Trees for his honor

And here comes Elon Musk…smh


There goes that term “oracle” again

neo advises GIF