"Water Runs Dry"


Okay, so Britney is here, dancing away to a very INTERESTING song…

First time having really long hair !!! It’s different … serving evil mermaid vibes I guess 🧜‍♀️ 🤔😉 except I have legs 😏 !!! Pss too hot to go outside bored as hell 🙄 !!! Psss this is not a hair commercial 🤭 !!! pic.twitter.com/yK4JQnYp2d

— Britney Spears 🌹🚀 (@britneyspears) August 31, 2022

Calling “evil mermaid vibes”

Well, we talked about how some musicians could possibly be “sirens” (I assume Chris Brown is like a siren)

Mermaids lure you with their singing etc…blah blah blah

the little mermaid disney GIF

Anyway, lets look at some lyrics please?


What water is “running dry”

(Btw, written by Writer(s): Kenneth Edmonds, performed by Boys 2 Men)

Who was recently in the news too btw Babyface And Ella Mai Share Video For ‘Keeps On Fallin’’ (yahoo.com)

Im not even going to begin…

Heres the video if you want to see it BTG Pasto - Round and Round (Directed by Isaac Garcia) - YouTube (another…rebooted song …which I keep saying is a trend in the industry)

But water IS running dry…

Taps run dry in Jackson, Mississippi, as water crisis deepens (msn.com)

Pennsylvania declares drought watch for Philly and surrounding counties, asks residents to conserve water (msn.com)

Rivers Run Dry in China and Europe as Climate Crisis Fuels Record Droughts | Democracy Now!

Lakes and rivers in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, China and US run dry as drought and water shortages grip Northern Hemisphere (msn.com)

Just to name a few articles.

Remember like I said

Same shit…basically.

“Water Runs Dry”

“Evil Mermaid Vibes”