“Red Boots Again”

Something about these boots bother me. I could be reaching tho.

We’ve been seeing them everywhere

But I think deeper about shit and I’m like.

Astroboy // Astroworld

Alicia Silverstone Reaction GIF

By a company named MSCHF (mischief)

So people are going crazy over “red boots”.
Remember my break down of Britney Spears and her red boots?

Now they’re saying it’s inspired by “Dora The Explorer” Channel Your Inner Dora the Explorer With MSCHF's Big Red Boots

I’m kind of wondering why there are conflicting stories about the origin of these “red boots”.

But the origin of the red shoes could use a brief discussion.

They call it *bizarre * but I’ll call it what it is, something with looking into.

Apparently this is a satanic club among the elites that participate in heinous acts

It is basically a satanic symbol of child/human sacrifice.

Now I could see why they don’t want to go with the Astroboy idea because…well it’s an android boy in his underwear wearing red boots.

February 16th release
47th day of the year
7th week of 2023