Protecting Our Water: Urgent Alert on Cybersecurity Threats

In a recent letter jointly issued by the EPA and the White House, it was revealed that a cyber group from China called Volt Typhoon has been hacking into critical infrastructure systems, including those that manage drinking water in the US and its territories.

The letter explained that water systems are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks because they’re essential for our daily lives but often lack strong cybersecurity measures due to limited resources and technical know-how.

To address this issue, they’re asking for support to ensure that all water systems in each state check their cybersecurity practices, fix any weaknesses they find, and have plans in place to deal with cyber incidents.
Learned from Newsweek.

But lets take a dive…(no pun intended)

Remember this article?

Pennsylvania water facility hit by Iran-linked hackers | CyberScoop

Congressman Chris Deluzio and Senators Bob Casey and John Fetterman said, “If a hack like this can happen here in Western Pennsylvania, it can happen elsewhere in the United States. Folks in Pennsylvania and across the country deserve peace of mind that basic infrastructure such as their drinking water is safe from nation-state adversaries and terrorist organizations.”

Still, it was strange for them to erect this shit DURING the pandemic when nobody was out there like that. The placement, the “sushing” it just seemed like this was more than what meets the eye.
“Waters Soul”

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