Nashville Mass Shooter

I can’t believe we are talking about this shit AGAIN yall.

Let’s observe today’s date and where we are at.

  • The 86th day of the year

  • The 13th Monday of the year

  • 86 days left until Summer

As seen below:

And now we get into

These numbers are so crazy.


You see this is interesting. Because we are literally discussing gun control and trans rights and then you have this administration who added some parental rights laws in Florida and now we have a mass shooting.

Look at this address:

yup 33

Sad to say but here’s a mass shooting map

So they said there an exact number of days twice here. 86th day of 2023 and 86 days UNTIL Spring. We always say that nothing is a coincidence. So lets look at what 86 means.

Now lets look at the

Now I want to point out that they stated originally that

Now its

Shit just doesn’t add up sometimes

But this sure did

Totally random but I saw 86 in the headlines today