Man steals plane, Threatens to fly it into a Walmart in Mississippi

N342ER is the :flight_arrival: which is interesting…

Let’s look at what we have here…

So the English ordinal, we come to

And today is the 246th day of the year.

There are 46 books in the Catholic Old Testament
Number 46 is the atomic number of Palladium

Palladium and its congener platinum is used in catalytic converters

Today, New York Post put up an article about thefts in Catalytic Converters

Okay, lets go back to the flight… (N342ER Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware)


Well my other calculator pops up as (Gematria value of n342er is 125 - English, Hebrew and Simple Gematria Calculator Values)

The flight path

Lets talk about the plane tho

Incident Beechcraft C90A King Air N342ER, 03 Sep 2022

They keep posting things that I noticed: RED

Him with Magic Johnson

Read this caption involving “donald wearing the red tie”

A picture from 2019 btw.

They’re calling this a “suicide note”

(his account is disabled, way back machine only took one screenshot which is an error message that the page is gone.)

As always

But you knew this was coming

But lets piece this all together, shall we: (from facebook)

The landing they haven’t shown

I hate to be that person…but chea


42 mentioned AGAIN

With the full reduction

So, back to 342,
the word death appears in 342 bible verses
the world life is 409 bible verses

409-342 equals 67

  • the 67th word is הרקיע (“the firmament”) when God made the firmament (Gen 1:7)

Scorpio, Anubis and Humankind also equal to 342
as well as Human Being, Humanoid and The Elites

Moon also equals 342
Which is also in the news