First and foremost, I want to start off by saying that I am in SHOCK at what is happening with Jaguar Wright. I have spoken to her personally a few times in my life and from my own personal experience with her, I didn’t get that vibe that she was “off” or “crazy” or “manic” in any way shape or form.

She was sincerely dope and sweet to me, spoke to me about the importance of stepping into your “true power” and gave me the confidence during a tough time in as a business woman and musician.

With that all said, let’s talk about these recent events as well as things I have noticed.

Is “The Devil” After Jaguar Wright? - AllHipHop

Was an article I came across by “All Hip Hop”. I just find it so strange that they have this as a rumor when this is a literal FACT lol (in my opinion).

It seems like Jaguar was a little bit too “loose lipped” talking about Sean Carter aka Jay Z cuz you can see that this blog was paid off.

Again, I cannot stress enough how people need to stop being armchair social media psychiatrists. It is a literal fucking crime to impersonate a doctor, INCLUDING online, so yall can chill with all that.

But anyway.

You know who else had a “manic episode” recently?

You guessed it. Britney Spears

Britney Spears Acting ‘Manic’ in Restaurant, Husband Sam Storms Off (tmz.com)

Again, we are in 2023, with cellphones that have the ability to photograph the moon, and we get a grainy video.

Apparently she was speaking “gibberish”

And still can’t be left tf alone…but I digress.

But back to the word “Jaguar”

Lawrence rallies Jaguars from 27 down to beat Chargers 31-30 (wjcl.com)


Heavy in the headlines, the team of course.

They’re calling it the “Biggest Comeback in History”

Just like how they said SHE had a “come back”


Again from her Facebook Page

But peep this (kind of a reach but not really)

So right after the field goal of the win, I noticed the first celebration scene directly after. What does this Jersey say?


“Gotsis” 96

Now, I know how that’s pronounced, but “GOT SIS” really? lol okay.

Adam Gotsis
original jersey was 99 when he was with the Broncos btw

And he was also accused of Rape in 2013
Denver Broncos’ Adam Gotsis arrested over alleged 2013 rape | NFL | The Guardian

The charges were then dropped in 2018
Rape case against Denver Broncos DE Adam Gotsis dropped (espn.com)


96 means “as above, so below”

Lets talk about this dude “Solar”, again from her facebook page

Notice the earring?

Notice the necklace


Yeah “carbon nation” should have never been around her.

Alot of people feel that way.

Cuz see the connection here with the “36”

Again with the 69 (he posted this video)

If people cannot see how this was so calculated in execution to get her out of the conversation, to place her under the Jaguars randomly winning a game they had no chance of winning,

then the promotion of a new Jaguar I-Pace vehicle in the same weekend

This new model of Jaguar I-Pace is our favourite yet | T3

Very interesting shit if you ask me.

I love Jaguar and you know what this looks exactly like they’re trying to keep things hush about her. She’s talked about Clive Davis a lot too

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Yup! He said he had a bounty out on her too.