Ice Spice...Again

Ok…back to Ice Spice’s photoshoot…

This shirt stood out to me.

I went back to my research about “The Babe God” aka Harpocrates

Interesting, Diana
dirty diana

Princess Diana
Princess of Wales
Princess of Grace…

Makes me think of “hail mary, full of grace”

or pleres charitos

So, I then of course saw an immediate connection to this “Princess” idea. This shoot is significant.

Diana and Princess grace were similar in many ways. One being that these two ladies were considered “outsiders” in the royal family.

Kind of like Ice Spice. I mean lets face it. She is an internet celebrity. Social media celebrity. There’s nothing wrong with that, I just need to point that out lol

“Raps New Princess”

After getting popularity after a “Buss It” Challenge Ice Spice Doing The Buss It Challenge Surfaces... Before Her Rap Career - YouTube

But “Princess of Grace” Died September 13, 1982

“Princess of Wales” died August 31, 1997

Monaco and France are like tomato and tomato if you ask me.

Now what I found interesting was the fact that Ice Spice has a song called “Princess Diana” that I had to check out. I personally have never listened to her music like that nor do I really listen to that kind of music.

Me personally, I always thought it was wierd to want to emulate the deceased ie: Cardi B calling herself the Trap Selena. Heres the viral tweet
danial on Twitter: “she’s literally the closet thing we have to a modern day princess diana…” / Twitter


So for some strange weirdo reason, Ice has been strangely associated with extremely famous people since she came out. First it was Cardi B, then Drake being one, then Kim Kardashian and her Daughter seen with her on TikTok which blew up her fame even more.

Now we have Nicki, out of nowhere pulling a Madonna.

Funny those were the lyrics from this EXACT song tho lol as well as Drake with the “nothing was the same” reference

Ice Spice – Princess Diana Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

5466 stood out to me.

Heres a few:

It just feels like alot of vultures around this girl. Shes hot, and of course they gotta stay relevant.
‘Princess’ Ice Spice: Bronx Rapper Gets Cosign from Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj (

Being born on the 1 day of the year for January 2000, a literal New Years Baby of the new millennium

King of Spades