"Hells Angels"

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Beyonce drops this:

Which is also a hit over at Revelation

Notice how they say this headline:

Funny how two days ago

Straight out of a Sons of Anarchy episode if you ask me… Vagos biker testifies about Hells Angels highway shooting | Las Vegas Review-Journal

And we knew I LOVED that damn show…

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:smirk: anyway

When I searched for Hell’s Angels (just anything pertaining to it outside of the motorcycle thing) I came up with the article about rapper Drake wearing the gear in 2018


Which is crazy because I uncovered this About Illuminati, Masons, Hellsangels | PDF

Funny, found this in a forum about the informant thing…

(link here)

His facebook page he announced his death


His posts from earlier are interesting:


"that'll do it" https://t.co/2CU7Wf3A21 pic.twitter.com/l5zeEWEZDK

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