"Blame It"

I just want to archive this here


  1. March 20th 2023 I was obsessed with the song Blame It that night after seeing this pop up on my timeline.

Blame It, is literally about those Industry Parties…when you really think about it…

I don’t know, a part of me is saying that he is already gone…

Chris Brown is saying that after Jamie is rubbed out, Usher is next…we will have to see.


Beyonce’s seating plan

Michael Jacksons seating plan before his death
(this is significant, im still thinking)

Britney was trending today too…
Beyonce Sends Fans Into a Frenzy by Sampling Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ at First Renaissance Tour Stop in Sweden (yahoo.com)

Also remember

His age

5 :clubs: Cards of illumination

His birthday is December 13th 1967

Which also seems to be Beyonces favorite day for releasing music