"Batman's Voice"

Happy Veteran’s Day

RIP To Kevin Conroy who was a voice actor who played Batman.

I find it strange once again, a Batman reference when last week was a Joker reference with the death of Aaron Carter.

Funny how it matches up
Voice of Batman and Eleven Eleven (today’s date) Matches up

(no, i’m not saying he was sacrificed…im just pointing out how it is significant)

I found this article interesting: Infantile Love For Batman Can Be Precursor To Fascism, Says Alan Moore – Deadline!

Specifically this

Also peep this MSN

Hmmm this seems to be the theme


Bruce Waynes birthday

And last but not least, the latest issue

Batman and Joker must work together to save Harley hmmmmm

Im pretty sure Harley died after Joker shipped her off to space…