About Whitney…

So it all began with this:

I have been demanding publically for Brandy to reveal what tf note it was that Whitney handed her for YEARS bruh because this certainly did not sit right with me!

So I continued my research as the years went on and came across a few things:

But this part right here…this is where it got interesting because this is an important element behind what lead up to her death.

Which I found strange that Whitney was chillin and mingling with everyone PRIOR to Ray J’s arrival where she flew into a fit of rage (read below)

In the above link remember the numbers that tie into her death:

In which again, I still can’t understand why Ray J was responsible for the birth of the Kardashian era. But also keep in mind when I said that this was all about BLOODLINES


Ray J Was Whitney Houston’s Alleged Last Romance before Her Death — Inside Their Affair (amomama.com)

Which is very strange…but I am still digging.

I think it’s weird how Brandy’s name surfaced and became relevant again once Jack Harlow revealed he didn’t know that Brandy and Ray J were siblings…but alot of people didn’t even know that to make that such a big deal for the “next generation” of artists that are coming out who just MIGHT NOT KNOW that information.

Then they tried to make it a race thing (which was weird) that Jack was appropiating the culture of Hip Hop and R&B because he did not KNOW this information…which we all know that Ray J and Lil Kim have a song called Wait a Minute which has the line referrencing to them being related

Lil Kim’s verse


“It’s All My Fault”: A Guilt-Ridden Ray J Blames Himself For Whitney Houston’s Untimely Death | News | VH1

Distraction :sparkles:

Black Music Month: Brandy Interview About ‘Full Moon’ 20th Anniversary – Billboard

20th Anniversary you say…