12 Years Left Of O2?

Well the first thing I said today was:

First, whats NOAA

Home: NOAA Ocean Exploration

And yes, as always, they have been in the news recently regarding the Ozone layer.
Those of you who do not know what an Ozone layer is:

Now remember, this is the ONLY program ran by the feds which is geared mostly towards Ocean Exploration.


Yet here they are, dropping this:

Ozone layer now 50% healed, NOAA says | 9news.com

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I’m like, excuse me? What do YOU have to do with the ozone layer if you are deep see explorers? This makes no sense…or does it?


North America and Europe experienced hottest August on record, NOAA says (msn.com)

White House, NOAA & DOI Launch Climate Hazard Assessment Website (executivegov.com)

Now they’re out here talking about some mysterious blue goo

Unknown ‘blue goo’ creature found by NOAA team in Caribbean | Miami Herald

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So then I saw this tweet:

which looked eerily similar to what I have been pointing out for a while now:

This “sun” or whatever tf this is, is just a literal spot light…

and this is the research they did here Path to recovery of ozone layer passes a significant milestone - Welcome to NOAA Research