"Sober Grid"

Tech CEO found dead two years after he took an Uber ride and disappeared (msn.com)

Ok so reviewing this story, I have to say, there are so many red flags and I guess why this is sticking out to me on a more technical level… ::triangular_flag_on_post:

So, of course, to see the headline of a tech CEO that is found dead 2 years after going missing after so many people in tech that seem to go missing (especially lately) alarms me.

Sober Grid is a digital health company providing mental health addiction care around the world in over 170 countries (according to wikipedia). It is labeled as a Geosocial Networking App to provide realtime support for people who are in need of support from their peers if there is drug, alcohol, or mental health crisis.

I find that so dope, to be honest. With the stage of the game we are in with so many people who are in need of help, I guess you gotta create the change you want to see.

Sober Grid Founder Comes Clean (forbes.com)

Also, to make it on Forbes with a successful company and helping so many people, I just had to dig deeper because even I was confused. Why would someone want to hurt him?

This doesn’t sit right in my spirit.

In this Forbes interview, this stood out to me…

  • Location based app, in real time :round_pushpin:
  • Immediate connection and peer support 24/7 from their smart phone.


Now, there OBVIOUSLY has to be competitors, right?

ReSET-O with Pear Therapeutics

And then you have Click Therapeutics which develops and commercializes software as prescription medical treatments for patients with unmet medical needs.

But wait…lets go back to Sober Grid:

World’s Largest Recovery App, Sober Grid, Can Now Predict Relapses with Artificial Intelligence (prweb.com)

Hmmmm…Ai Tech.

So, humor me.
A CEO with such an amazing idea designed to help people goes missing and then it is announced that he is found dead after doing business with UBER.

A few things I wonder.

But let’s talk about his disappearence.

Body of missing CEO found over a year after he texted “911” and vanished (msn.com)

According to MSN

But also this press release talks about his involvement with artificial intelligence with Columbia University.

Now what I do know is that people are blaming the uber driver,

Sarah Palin also spoke about him being missing 39-Year-Old Entrepreneur With Ties To NY Has Been Missing Since Late November | Yonkers Daily Voice | Your Local News for Yonkers, New York

Whats crazy is that there was a blog but there is no blog now

I don’t know. I’ll do more digging later.